Supeprfront og håndknyttet top

This cap features a 1 1/2" deep, ultra-sheer lace front with low hair density for the most natural-looking hairline... even when styling back off the face! It also has a hand-knotted top, wich gives you the ability to part the hair whenever you like.


Superfront og mono skill

This cap features a virtually invisible, sheer lace front with low hair density for an incredibly natural-looking hairline that's perfect dor off-the-face styling. The wide Monofilament part aera lets you make a conventional part or a subtle zigzag part.


Mono krone

Looking for a cap that has the added advantage of a smooth, natural contour? Look no further. The monofilament crown in this cap offers just that and so much more.


Mono skill

This cap includes a 1 1/2" wide Monofilament part that's wide enough for modern zigzag part on days when you want something different than a traditional straight part.


Håndknyttet topp 

For the ultimate in natural movement and ease of styling, you will love the flexibility of this hand-knotted top. This construction is light and cool, and gives the appearance of natural hair growth. A sheer, scalloped front eliminates bulk at the hairline and enhances the natural look.

Maskinknyttet med superfront            




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